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Today's businesses understand that a simple directory listing won't help much in the never-ending battle for customers. That's why True Yellow Pages has spent thousands of programming hours developing and implementing the most aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) possible. And the results are clear: On a daily basis, Tens of thousands of True Yellow listings are spidered by major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, which results in hundreds of thousands of our listings acheiving excellent search engine rankings.

The simple truth is this: If someone is looking for your company, they'll likely use a search engine to find it. And our advertisers know that their listings on True Yellow will rank highly (if not Number One) on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)—often ahead of their own websites.

True Yellow's sophisticated SEO, search speed, and simplicity of use ensures that search engines find our advertisers fast, and that millions of True Yellow users find them even faster.

Advertising Products and Rates

The Bottom Line

Basic Advertising Options

These are all features you can add to your listing in the True Interactive Yellow Pages. These affordable enhancements to your listing help your business stand out in the crowd. Choose the option that works best for you!

Important note: Each successive listing improvement includes the previous improvements, as well. For example, an Enhanced Listing also includes the Hyperlink.


Already have a home page and want more traffic? Here's your low-cost solution! A simple hyperlink to your own home page.
Price: $79.00 per year (free update provided whenever page is moved)

Social Links

Using the social media to attract and inform your customers has skyrocketed in the past few years, providing companies both large and small with unprecedented reach and control of their corporate image. We provide iconic links to any and all of your social media venues, including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Yelp!
$35.00 per year (Link additions/modifications as-needed)

Enhanced Listing

This is our most popular advertising option. Whenever your company's information is listed in our search results, that information is separated by a horizontal rule above and below it, and is sized larger and bolder than the nonpaying listings.
$407.00 per year (address changes/phone number changes as-needed only)

Feature Listing

A very popular enhancement, the Feature Listing adds up to 25 words of text to your Bold Listing. Let your customers know what credit cards you accept, what brand names you carry, what special services you offer! And with unlimited updating, you can even offer daily discounts or specials!
$467.00 per year (free unlimited updates)

Logo Listing

Add the familiarity and power of your company logo to your Feature Listing! Any logo or graphic you can show in any other advertising will look better here! Get noticed now!
$517.00 per year (free unlimited updates, graphic not to exceed 1" square)

Multi-City, Multi-State, and National Listings

Does your business serve customers outside your home city, or even your home state? You can now reach out and touch those customers with our Multi-Area Listing option! Any time someone searches for your type of business in an Area you've selected, your listing appears. For example, Frederick Spiers - Attorney At Law has an office in Allen, Texas, but he also draws clients from nearby cities. In addition to Allen, he can choose to be listed in Bonham, Caddo Mills, and Royse City, and anyone searching for an attorney in any of those cities will find him! And if Mr. Spiers has also chosen to enhance his listing (see above), it will appear enhanced in all those cities.
There are three levels to the  Multi-Area Listing option:

Cities: You can choose any number of cities (even those nearby but across state lines). Your listing will appear in any search results for your type of business in the cities you've selected.
$25.00 per year per city.

States: If your business serves a number of states (or serves your entire home state), why not make sure all your potential customers find you? Search results for your type of business in any city in a state you've selected will include your listing.
$500.00 per year per state.

Nationwide: Some businesses serve the entire country, and here's the best way to make sure customers in every state and every city find your business fast.
$2,500.00 per year


You've already seen them on thousands of other pages.... now unleash the power of the BANNER for your business!

National Banner

This graphic advertisement announces your message every time someone uses True Interactive Yellow Pages! Available on a rotating basis (100 units maximum), a National Banner can display your advertisement every 100 "hits" (one unit), every 20 hits (5 units), or every hit (100 units). You decide just how ubiquitous (we had to go look that one up) your message should be! Of course, the National Banner includes a hyperlink to your Website!
Price: $450 per month per unit, 3-month contract minimum (free unlimited updates)

Targeted Banners

Zero in on your audience and save money at the same time! Targeted banners include a rotation based on your choice of Area Code or Keyword! Same features as the National Banner, but much more targeted and oh, so luxuriously inexpensive! Available on a rotating basis (20 units maximum per target choice).
Price: $150 per month per unit, 3-month contract minimum (free unlimited updates)

Banner Specifications

Horizontal Banners: 80px height, 400px width.
Vertical (Tower) Banners: 240-600px height, 120-140px width.
Animated GIFs acceptable. We reserve the right to reject images which in our sole judgement are inappropriate.

A Small Sample of Some of Our Valued Advertisers

Ann's Bridal Bargains
Ashley Madison
Best Of Vegas
BIC Warehouse
Brigade Quartermasters
Caesars Entertainment
Camping Survival
Cash Central
Discount Tires
Executive Search Online
Get Organized
Hooked On Phonics
Interstate Batteries
ITT Tech
JC Whitney
Lending Tree
MediFast diet
MGM Casino Resorts
Modern Furniture Warehouse
Network Solutions
Omaha Steaks
Pacific Coast Feather Company
See's Candy

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