So, what is the True Interactive Yellow Page Directory, anyway?

With all the other internet directories available, everyone at True Interactive Yellow Pages – from the president to the receptionist – knows everything we offer has to be better, faster, and more accurate. We wake up thinking about the new improvements we're going to add to our system today, and we go to bed dreaming of the marvels we're going to attempt tomorrow. Sure, we have no personal lives, but we don't make money any other way. We don't print directories, we don't sell telcom – we do the True Interactive Yellow Pages. Period.

Well, that's nice, but what's it mean to me, the person who wants to find the nearest barber?

Glad you asked. Our approach to the directory is as innovative as the web itself. We decided (after the obligatory research, focus groups, and all the other trappings of 20th century marketing... hey, we're not fooling around here) that someone, somewhere.... perhaps someone like you – might actually want to use True Yellow instead of that 50-pound paperback most people use to hold up their monitors. So we designed our search engine, our database, and our browser screens with that in mind. We told the HTML programmers "whatever it takes, just so long as they don't reach for that printed directory!" We told the database people "whatever it takes, just as long as they don't need to go to any other online directory!" We told the search engine programmers "whatever it takes, just as long as they never have to wait for their information." We weren't sure any of them were listening to us... Until we saw the results. The ease of operating the GUI, the speed of the searches, and the accuracy of the database made our president smile. Hey, it made us all smile.

Okay. So, we'll stipulate that you're better. How exactly?

What are you, some kind of attorney? True Interactive Yellow Pages is better because we didn't go live on the net until we had found the best engineering and programming consultants and the best information providers. We spent months investigating and arguing over all the other yellow pages on the net.

And – most importantly – we spent gobs of money on every aspect of True Interactive Yellow Pages. And as they say, money is the sincerest form of sincerity.

You seem like you might know what you're talking about. You do more than True Yellow Pages?

We're flattered (we think). Seriously, we here at True Yellow Pages have developed a number of other specialty directories that provide more information about specific industries or areas than a simple yellow pages can. Yes, True Yellow Pages is our flagship directory; it's been operational on the internet since 1996. And one thing we learned during that time is that yellow pages can only do so much--and we know people want more. So we delivered. Among our specialty directories are:

US Casino Finder: Just like the names says, you can find virtually every gambling and gaming venue in the United States at US Casino Finder. From casinos to bingo halls, from racetracks to card rooms, from casino cruises to... well, you get the idea. And there's more. Casino and gambling news, restaurants (and their menus) at casinos are listed, as well as the gaming options and other amenities offered by each gaming establishment. Oh, and did we mention entertainment available at each casino? Well, we have that, too.

US Travel Services: Planes, trains, and automobiles... and more! The US Travel Services directory should be your first stop when planning travel, a vacation, or when you're just seeking a new restaurant for a night on the town.

US Health Services: A resource for health and medicine establishments throughout the US, US Health Services allows users to search for medical specialties, clinics, as well as health care alternatives.

US Food & Beverage: Restaurants, bars, and lounges (and businesses that cater to the food and beverage industries) are the US Food & Beverage directory's concentration.

As you can see, we take the directory business seriously. You want accurate information and you want it now. And we're just the guys (and girls) to get it done.

Where are your offices located?

True Interactive Yellow Page Directories, Inc. is located just south of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our street and mailing address is:

True Interactive Yellow Page Directories, Inc.
10624 S. Eastern Ave, Suite A-417
Henderson, NV 89052
Customer Service: (855) 920-8783*

       * calls seeking phone number information are subject to a $5 fee
Fax: 719-218-9338

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